About WitFora
WitFora is a revolutionary social media platform that combines the exciting world of social interactions and an incentivizing system. WitFora offers a decentralized, secure, and transparent environment where users can explore, engage, and exchange value with a diverse community of like-minded individuals. Whether you are an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast or a fiat money crusader simply looking for an innovative social media experience, WitFora is the perfect destination. Join WitFora today and get rewarded for your content contributions beyond the limit!


WitFora is an inimitable user-centric social media network designed with the users' social needs and everything that is important to them built around them. While focusing on both person-to-person/group conversations, it allows users to expressively connect with friends, family, and businesses with incentivizing rewards and discounted benefits.

WitFora could be considered the epic of communication and encapsulation of all social media types, having been equipped with AI features that allow users to create valuable inspiring content and share with a reward. The incentivizing reward is offered on all content formats shared in the news feed, pages, and groups, including text, photo, video posts, blogging, and other creative forms of content.

Witfora also offers classified Pro account status with rewarding discounts that offer huge empowerment to Social Media Managers and Content Promoters alike.

The status classification is as follows:

·             Pro-User 1:  $5 monthly subscription for a 10% discount on Advertising Fees.

·             Pro-User 2: $10 monthly subscription for a 15% discount on Advertising Fees.

·             Pro-User 3: $20 monthly subscription for a 20% discount on Advertising Fees.

·             Pro-User 4: $250 yearly subscription for a 50% discount on Advertising Fees.

Liquidity exchange on WitFora is powered by a Hybrid Wallet System that accommodates both traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, allowing each user the freedom of choice of currency.

WitFora is truly a masterpiece, a stroke of intelligent theatre for social networking - a seamless gateway to a real democratic virtual universe.

Why wait to explore this amazing social media network and be empowered economically?

Click https://witfora.com, or download the mobile app from Play Store and Apple Store.